Taxes & Auditing

Specialized advice on tax legislation, tax audit, tax planning.
Auditing, accounting advice, processes and controls, certifications.


Tax planning in business development and / or investment projects.

Tax schedule

Preparation of national and provincial taxes affidavits, professional advice to requirements of national, provincial and/or municipal treasuries.

Tax audit

Counseling and diagnosis on the fiscal situation of organizations.


Tax planning of real estate projects.


Advice in tax litigation, social and laboral security.

Audit of financial states

Accuracy and fairness of the financial and accounting information of the company.
Reasonableness of controls and processing systems.

Process Analysis

We evaluate and analyze key business processes and the inherent risks.

Management Control - Zero-based budgeting

ZBB as efficient budget methodology, with direct effect on the benefit–cost ratio.

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Statistical report

Decisions based on tangible and quantifiable data.

Time = Result

Organization, projection, defined periods of work.

Custom Tool Box

(CTB+) Development of Customizable Tools.


Our team of professionals at your service.

Mobile Support

Development of native, customized Apps.


Through personalized attention.

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"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
Benjamin Franklin

Facundo Martín Oviedo, Accountant | Head of Taxes and Auditing

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