APG + is a consulting firm specializing in business services, constituted in order to be a leader in creating value for the society, acting on all the economic players and generating sustainable efficiency performances from them.


Creation of value with resources, time and efficient processes


Process improvement in the recruitment, retention and client profitability


Upgrade of internal and external communication


With a successful legal, tax and accounting analysis


Influencing human factor and improving production processes


Metric systems of market analysis, resources and comprehensive management of organizations

Human Resources

We provide for every candidate the best possible opportunities for a labor development and for every company the candidate who may generate greater organizational value.

The pursuit of happiness is our guiding principle. Work dignifies everything and everyone and it has a fundamental importance in the lives of the people, companies and the entire society as a whole. Happiness is the engine that drives the leading role of work in life in society. We work every day to achieve the highest possible standard of happiness as a society.

Recruitment, selection and hiring

Analysis of business needs, recruitment, selection and incorporation into the organization.

Comprehensive HR information systems

Metric system of performances that helps to improve the resources management.

Employee recognition programs

Web and mobile platform. Employees have corporate profits and gifts.

Organizational Culture

Determination of organizational values and behavior evaluation.

Performance evaluation

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of management (X-Y Axis)

360º Analysis

90, 180 and 360 degrees evaluation

Strategic analysis of people

Methodology, Organization and Processes

Methodology and procedures in the organization

Establishment of procedures in the organization

Our service

With APG+ in your company, all the labor technology platform at your service

Statistical report

Decisions based on tangible and quantifiable data.

Time = Result

Organization, projection, defined periods of work.

Custom Tool Box

(CTB+) Development of Customizable Tools.


Our team of professionals at your service.

Mobile Support

Development of native, customized Apps.


Through personalized attention.

Our Strengths

Ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement. Adaptability to the environment. Development of new technologies applied to information and sustainable and efficient labor platforms.









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