“We create future, we develop opportunities”

Value creation, restructuring, creation and analysis of new business, investment projects, high-performance implementations


We analyze the market and determine the new technological trends that will influence the life and the development of organizations.

Economic Value Added

We maximize the performance of businesses and business opportunities through analysis of Economic Value Added (EVA)


We develop efficient structures of continuous upgrade in cash flows, results and financial position of companies.

Business Portfolios

We specifically analyze the situation of each company and determine the best alternative of investment.

Strategic Map & BSC

Improvement actions on intangible assets (People, Knowledge and Technology) to convert them into tangible results for the organization.

New Business

We seek opportunities for development of new business, value implementations and innovative operational models.

APG+ Think Tank

We generate successful cases which are applicable and scalable in the organizations.

Energy in motion

The gateway to sustainable efficiency organizations.


APG + is a consulting firm specializing in business services, constituted in order to be a leader in creating value for the society, acting on all the economic players and generating sustainable efficiency performances from them.


Creation of value with resources, time and efficient processes


Process improvement in the recruitment, retention and client profitability


Upgrade of internal and external communication


With a successful legal, tax and accounting analysis


Influencing human factor and improving production processes


Metric systems of market analysis, resources and comprehensive management of organizations

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We create future, we develop opportunities

The pursuit of happiness is our guiding principle.
Work dignifies everything and everyone and it has a fundamental importance in the lives of the people, companies and the entire society as a whole.
Happiness is the engine that drives the leading role of work in life in society.
We work every day to achieve the highest possible standard of happiness as a society.

Series of very thoughtful actions, directed towards a particular purpose

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